Monday, June 10, 2013

Rohan likes "Cars"

Rohan loves the character's from movie Cars. I gave him "Cars" pinnata. He loves to keep it next to him. Whenever I visit him , He will tell me "Lightning McQueen".

During one of the recent sonrise sessions he will drive his Lego car uphill and downhill. I will join make it interactive even asked him couple of questions.

At one point I took one of the Lego Man, And pretended it to be doctor. He will come to me. I will ask him "Doctor is asking what is hurting today". He will tell me "stomach". I will tickle his stomach, Ask him to pay me and He will go away. Next time it will be ear, then teeth and so on.....Fun, Fun, Fun !!

Rohan now took my name and asked me - "Clown", He now wants me to pretend as "Clown", I took another Lego Men , made it jump up and down, asked Rohan to do the same...pretending to be clown. In between Rohan will come to me close and I will tickle him. He was having blast

In this session Rohan was happily making his requests by taking my name. We also worked on making present. He helped me to decorate an cracker cardbox box with sticky thread.

In between he was also stimming , I will join him in those times and wait for next Green signal.


Rohan was diagnosed with Autism around 3 years backs. And later got diagnosed with Apraxia also. R will be 4 years old in May. We started SON-RISE program with R couple of weeks backs. SON-RISE is a Play-therapy program that I am volunteering for . The Play-Therapy is associated with to treat his symptoms related to Autism.This is just one of the multiple therapies he is going through. Meet and Support Rohan at