Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rohan recovered from Bad stomach virus

Rohan was  sick for about more than a week. He had a bad stomach virus, it drained out his energy and for us it was  step back with him. I had another son-rise session with Rohan. In this session Rohan was having difficult time in focusing on one game or even sitting down with me.

He will get up shake his hands in the air and come back to me.. He was into playing with garbage truck. .So I joined him, Though he immediately looked at me. I had some empty cereal cardboxes with me.We started making castle, but within couple of minutes he told me "Castle All Done". And started driving his Lego garbage trucks. I joined him. He looked at me and asked me to make School bus. I started making Yellow school bus, He asked me to make Firetruck,Helicopter with it.He was making his demands very quickly and was not able to sit and concentrate on one thing.

I asked Rohan, do you want to sit on chair. He said "No". At one point he did come to me and sat down with me to cut the paper to make wheels for the Yellow school bus. Overall he was answering my questions, but while busy with his stimming. So I joined him couple of times , even though he looked at me immediately as I joined him. He made his demand but immediately was onto something else.


Rohan was diagnosed with Autism around 3 years backs. And later got diagnosed with Apraxia also. R will be 4 years old in May. We started SON-RISE program with R couple of weeks backs. SON-RISE is a Play-therapy program that I am volunteering for . The Play-Therapy is associated with to treat his symptoms related to Autism.This is just one of the multiple therapies he is going through. Meet and Support Rohan at