Donate to treat Autism

Donation Request from Rohan's family - " We are "RAISING FUNDS TO SPONSOR AUTISM TREATMENT FOR ROHAN" . Rohan our son is a 4 years old who is undergoing many treatment therapies, each promising to recover our child little by little. The most promising of them is the Son-Rise program which we are currently running at home with the help of many volunteers who have committed their time to Rohan’s recovery.

Currently, Rohan remains lost in his own world of Autism most of the times. Rohan is sturggling to get words out because he also has severe Verbal Apraxia. Rohan is undergoing speech therapy and alternative treatments to treat him for Autism and Verbal Apraxia. All this is costing us money and we are asking individual or organization to help us raise funds.

Your generosity and kindness will help bring our child back to us. We are looking forward to your donations to help Rohan"

Thank you for supporting our cause.

Rohit Gupta(Father),Puja Gupta(Mother),Aditi Gupta(2 yr old sister) and yours only "ellevogueandme"(Cool Aunt) !!

Monday, July 8, 2013